Sunday, February 19, 2012

Six Technologies to watch for by the 2012 Horizon Report

The latest Horizon Report for Higher Education (2012) is out.  The annual report identifies emerging technologies that are likely to have a significant impact over the next five years in higher education. 

According to the most recent 2012 report, mobile apps and tablet computing are expected to be a mainstream for higher education institutions within the next twelve months.  This is not a surprise and what this means is students are accessing learning materials through many devices.  Laptops still remains the most popular learning tool for the campus, but other devices are beginning to gain traction.  Other than content delivery, this also provides opportunities for stores to making available the myriad of accessories related to these devices.

In two to three years out, the report predicts game-based learning and learning analytics in higher education will become more prevalent.  Right now, publishers and e-textbook providers are gathering data on how students are using digital materials and when that data becomes available there will definitely be a shift to different learning styles.  It will be easier in the future for institutions and other companies to make the connection between course material selections (and faculty performance) to student outcomes.
Four to five years away, gesture-based computing and The Internet of Things will be widely adopted, according to the report.  Gesture-based computing is basically controlling a computer or handheld device using the motion of the body.  The Internet of Things is basically having all the devices connected seamlessly.  So for example, being able to control your household appliance from work or simply monitoring your house through your smartphone is what is catching the attention of the higher Ed market.

For those who remember, E-texts and mobile computing topped last year's list.

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