Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Mobile Shopping Stats

A new report says more time is spent shopping on tablets than smartphones and PC users.  According to Interactive Advertising Bureau UK, 72 percent of tablet owners use their devices weekly to shop.  The average time spent on shopping on tablets was 4.4 hours compared to 2.2 hours for smartphones and 2.9 hours for PC users.

The survey shows that when people buy physical items, 78% respondents use a PC, 63% use a tablet and 39% use a smartphone.  When purchasing a ticket or service 55% use a tablet, 47% use a PC, and 44% use a smartphone.  Other results from the study include:

o   69% of consumers used a tablet to purchase digital downloads, 43% for PC, 44% for smartphones
o   38% use smartphones in the store with 55% conducting search about a product while in the store
o   49% did a price comparison check
o   27% use the smartphone to find shops in their area
o   24% scanned product for more info
o   20% used an app for more product info

The report’s research director says,
 “The research clearly demonstrates the importance of a cross device digital marketing strategy. The more connected devices consumers own, the more their behaviors change and the more complex their purchasing habits become. Those brands and retailers that can best accommodate this changing dynamic will be best placed to generate new sales and capitalize on consumers’ desire to use their smartphone for research and purchase more in the future.”

The study was conducted using the general consumers college students but it gives us some indication where the trend is headed.   This study means that the next generation of students on campuses will expect and want more services that they can access remotely.

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