Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grow Custom: Pearson

Today's sponsor highlight of the Grow Custom Initiative is Pearson Learning Solutions (CAMEX Booth 5309).  CAMEX starts in just a couple days, please be sure to visit all of our Grow Custom sponsors!

1)              What do you see as the future of custom course materials?
a.      The marketplace for custom content will continue to be defined by engaging material that addresses students' unique needs. In the future, customized materials will play a leading role in evaluating student performance in the course. Pearson Learning Solutions (PLS) is at the forefront of this movement towards greater personalization. Our ability to help professors create new content and manage existing Pearson content that specifically addresses these issues is unparalleled. Content, whether print or digital, and technology will exist side by side for the foreseeable future and increasingly, we'll see digitally-based solutions for placement, learning and evaluation of student performance in the course.
2)              What role do you see for stores with custom course materials in the future?
a.      PLS engages with the college store as the concierge for all students' course needs. Whether it's print, digital, or a hybrid solution, the college store on-site or online is the venue of choice for a campus-based or distance learner. The store management team will likely become more proactive in helping faculty and students recognize the value of customized material as a superior offering for all stakeholders in the campus community.
3)              What makes your product or service unique?
a.      PLS takes a holistic approach to the creation and delivery of custom content. Our editors, in conjunction with a talented PearsonONE sales team, make every effort to "dig deep" and find the right solution for every instructor in every course. We partner with faculty to adapt existing materials and find and create additional resources that result in an enhanced print/digital solution that's tailor made to the instructor's individual course. We call those CUSTOM+ solutionsIn addition, we offer a range of world-class educational services "beyond the book" that provide cost-effective and pedagogically sound solutions for almost any adoption at a variety of price points. 
4)              What products or services do you offer in this space?
a.     PLS offers a variety of print and digital solutions that can be customized to individual faculty needs. For example, we can publish a simple book of third-party readings in black and white with an attractive cover.  Or, if an instructor wants to personalize his or her own textbook, the Pearson Custom Library offers state-of-the art, on-demand publishing solutions. Pearson Custom Library uses a simple user interface that allows an instructor to select from thousands of textbook chapters and third-party readings. Instructors can even upload their own material for additional levels of customization.  For online courseware, Pearson's CourseConnect offers customizable online courses with recommended course descriptions, syllabi, lessons containing rich media, graphics and interactivities, discussion questions and assessment banks.  
5)              Who should stores contact for more information?
a.      More information about PLS products and services can be found at Don Golini is the PLS Director of Bookseller & Vendor Relations and can be reached via email:

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