Friday, February 10, 2012

Grow Custom: Flat World Knowledge

Over the next few weeks leading up to CAMEX we will provide a brief highlight on each of the sponsors of the NMS Grow Custom initiative.  Today’s company is Flat World Knowledge (CAMEX Booth 3223 – New Exhibitor Area).

1)   What do you see as the future of custom course materials?
I think the future of custom is unfettered control of classroom content no matter size of your class, your teaching focus, or how that content is delivered.  We believe every instructor’s course is unique, and we believe it is important to give instructors tools that allow that uniqueness to be reflected in their core teaching materials, including their textbook, no matter what format that textbook is needed in.  The key to unleashing that textbook control is license and platform.  Flat World Knowledge is redefining the market for license, formats, and platform.

2)   What role do you see for stores with custom course materials in the future?
Stores will need to continue to evolve to handle all formats.  Print distribution (custom or original) through the on campus store hasn’t worked for the publishers and authors for years.  It’s been a “wack a mole” strategy of publisher vs. bookstore and has been unsustainable for both, and certainly unfulfilling to the student.  So it needs to change.  It’s not clear who will win the battle for digital distribution and/or custom distribution on campus.  While “custom” might help in the battle against the off-campus distributors, it’s likely to create other local distributors who want a piece of the action. 

3)      What makes your product or service unique?  What products or services do you offer in this space?

Our product (MIYO – Make It Your Own) is unique in at least four ways:
·         Unfettered control of content no matter if you have one student or 1,000;
·         DIY platform puts you in charge of your content daily, weekly, monthly, or only once in your lifetime – it’s your book, Make It Your Own!
·         Output in five (5) formats (print and digital) so your students have maximum choice around consumption.
·         Share so others can benefit from your MIYO and also so you as MIYO author can make some money.

4)      Who should stores contact for more information?
Bookstores can call (877) 257-9243 or for more help.  Thanks.

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