Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grow Custom: McGraw-Hill

Next in our continuing series on the Grow Custom Initiative, today's highlighted sponsor is McGraw Hill (CAMEX Booth

1)         What do you see as the future of custom course materials?

The adoption and use of custom course materials will continue to increase rapidly because custom course materials can better meet the needs of students and instructors. Instructors can combine their own materials with publishers’ content to create custom course materials that meet the specific needs of their courses. Custom materials allow students to purchase only the materials they actually need for a course.

2)         What role do you see for stores with custom course materials in the future?

Because custom materials are customized for a specific course at a specific school, the best (sometimes only) place for a student to acquire them is their college bookstore. Online and national distributors will not carry custom materials because they cannot be sold at other schools. Students trust the college store to have exactly what they need for their courses, so there is no uncertainty or confusion about which product to buy. Stores are trusted by faculty as well and are a valuable resource when working with instructors to customize course materials.

3)         What makes your product or service unique?  What products or services do you offer in this space?

Our Create custom book-builder product offers instructors the ability to create their own customized textbooks. Create includes McGraw-Hill content as well as valuable “Special Collection” content from third-party sources. Instructors may also upload their own content and include it in their custom text. Create is the easiest custom publishing site available today, with an intuitive and clean user interface. In addition to create, McGraw-Hill’s Learning Solutions team also offers complete print and digital custom capabilities as well as curriculum design and original content creation services.

4)         Who should stores contact for more information?

Please contact Carter Alligood for more information:

Carter Alligood
Channel Manager
McGraw-Hill Higher Education
1333 Burr Ridge Parkway
Burr Ridge, IL 60525

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