Monday, February 27, 2012

Grow Custom: John Wiley & Sons

Today’s highlighted sponsor of the Grow Custom Initiative is John Wiley and Sons (CAMEX Booth 4800).   CAMEX is now just a few days away.  Be sure to attend the Digital Update on Saturday afternoon, or visit the NMS area within the NACS Opportunity Hub to learn about these and other developments.   We will have information at the booth to help you find your way to each of the Grow Custom sponsors. 

1)         What do you see as the future of custom course materials?
The demand for Custom course materials continues to grow because it answers a need.  Custom publishing allows instructors to create a product tailored to their specific course needs allowing the students to only pay for the content that will be used- whether that’s select textbook chapters, readings, professor created content or some combination.  We foresee Custom moving from Customized Content to Customized Curriculum.   These offerings will integrate assessment elements and media components with the customized print or digital content.

2)         What role do you see for stores with custom course materials in the future?
The campus bookstore provides a one-stop shop for students to easily get access to their custom materials.  Often it is the best (and usually only) place carrying the product.  Wiley continues to see the bookstore as a partner in delivering quality material to students.  

3)         What makes your product or service unique?  What products or services do you offer in this space?
Wiley Custom Learning Solutions is our full-service custom publishing department that offers an array of tools and services designed to put content creation in instructors’ hands. Our suite of custom products empowers users to create high-quality, economical education solutions tailored to meet individual classroom needs. For example, Wiley Custom Select is a revolutionary custom textbook system that allows the instructor to “build” customized materials tailored to their course needs. In a simple 3-step process, instructors create a textbook containing the content they want, in the order they want, and delivered in a printed or digital format of their choice.  To view a demo of this site, visit

4)         Who should stores contact for more information?
At CAMEX, please look for Rich Bigger (, Director of Customer Relations, at the Wiley booth.  Bookstores can also work with their local campus sales representative (

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