Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Start-Up Publishing Company

Booktype is a new device-agnostic open source publishing company that allows anyone to publish a book by themselves or with others through the web.  Booktype’s tool allows easy attributions, remix and reuse content, translate, use of preset book formats, and sets ISBN numbers for new books.
To read their press release and watch their video click here.

Booktype’s entry into the publishing world is yet another sign that change is happening in this industry and an opportunity area where campus stores need to pay close attention.  With Amazon, Apple, and more recently, Inkling, all offering new publishing tools for authors this is a clear signal that the way and how content is being created and delivered is transforming the publishing industry.  Stores ought to consider how they fit into this new model if faculty wants to adopt content developed in this way.  Some of these models could make it easier to produce and manage OER content as well.

This new trend creates opportunities for stores to engage and educate faculty and students.  Stores, working with these and other vendors can provide publishing services for the faculty on campus in order to better establish its relevancy on campus.  NACS Media Solutions will be announcing a partnership in this area at CAMEX to help stores begin building community-based publishing services.

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