Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year Tablet News

Here are some recent news related to tablets:

Google Tablets-   Google announced in December that will launch its own tablet in six months but everyone is wondering whether it’s going to compete against the Kindle or the iPad.  According to this article, some of Google’s supply chain believes Google is targeting the Kindle Fire with its own 7-inch $200 tablet running on Android 4.0.

Nintendo Tablet- This story says Nintendo will launches app store and tablet controller that acts an e-reader that can display books, magazines and strategy guides for the company’s games.

B&N Considers Spinning Off Nook

The Nook for B&N did so well this past season that the company is considering spinning off its Nook business.  The article says that Nook’s business will grow to $1.5 billion this fiscal year and is currently in discussions to expand the Nook internationally.

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