Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Investments in digital continue

Here is a couple stories about digital content companies that received venture funding over the last couple of months.  The first story notes that iStoryTime (creator of children's apps) was awarded a $2 million investment from CFP & Founders Investments.  This is a sign that the digital content marketplace is still growing and investors are betting that the convergence of digital content and tablet type devices are going to lead the charge in growing this market.

We also found yet another story about a new start-up company in the higher education space.  This one is offering a new course management tool.  Started by three University of Pennsylvania dropouts has raised more than $1million for their venture thus far.  The software called Coursekit, is an online course platform that highlights social networking and easy-to-use interface.  Coursekit allows discussions, grade posting, calendar and link sharing, and creates student profiles.  Currently, thirty universities are piloting Coursekit and the company has hired 80 students to act as ambassadors to other colleges.

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