Friday, December 9, 2011

Amazon's latest marketing effort

Amazon is offering $5 off on items if you take a picture of that same item at any brick and mortar store and you purchase through their online store.  You are permitted to three items on Saturday December 10th.

Here is a not so happy indie bookstore owner, who writes in PW,  

“To encourage people to snoop at other stores and report back  . . .  so they can keep their prices competitive is pathetic.  Here’s what I do: I pay sales tax, I donate thousands of dollars to local schools, charities, Little Leagues, church pie suppers, school trips, Geobee prizes, etc.  I support my community and that means going to local stores and buying things there. Price is not the only factor for me”
In response to this promotion some indie owners have started an Occupy Amazon movement on the same day.

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