Friday, July 13, 2012

More Uses for Smartphones Than Just Calls

News that people are using smartphones for much more than simply calling is not particularly earthshattering. But two new reports have surfaced that put numbers behind the trend.

The London Telegraph produced a chart showing smartphone users spend 24 minutes, 49 seconds every day surfing the Internet on their devices, compared to just 12 minutes, six seconds taking calls. In fact, using the phone as a phone was fifth on the list behind using it for social media (17 minutes, 29 seconds), playing music (15 minutes, 38 seconds), and playing games (14 minutes, 26 seconds).

The Online Colleges infographic below, which focuses on smartphone usage by college students, shows that 52% check their phone before getting out of bed in the morning and nearly half take a look before falling asleep at night. Of the students surveyed, 45% use their phones to help with school assignments and 46% say their phones are often more helpful for work-related tasks. Alarmingly, 35% of the students surveyed say they use their phones while stopped at a red light and 20% admit using them while driving.

The Mobile Lives of College Students
Courtesy of: Online Colleges

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