Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chegg Testing More Services on New Site

When Dan Rosenweig took over as Chegg’s CEO, he became certain the next big challenge facing the online textbook rental company was going to come from digital course materials.

Rosenweig invested $50 million on acquisitions he hopes will turn Chegg into a digital destination that can fill every need a college student may have, from course materials to homework help to dorm decorations. The firm began testing an enhanced site on June 1 that brings together all the services Chegg has purchased or created.

The new site allows students to use their Facebook credentials to login, providing Chegg with information about its users, social networks used, and where each individual goes to school. New services allow students to answer questions posed by others for free or a small fee, help high school seniors narrow their college search, or receive daily-deal offers from a subscription-based service.

The new Chegg web site is what Facebook might have become had it remained limited to universities, according to Michelle Hummel, CEO of the digital marketing agency Web Media Expert, in this article for Bloomburg Business, adding that students and educators are “looking for something other than Facebook that’s more targeted to their needs.”

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