Monday, November 21, 2011

TIPS on Promoting Digital Course Materials

This article is very relevant for campus stores if they are thinking of how to improve digital course materials sales.  The story is about Indie bookstores but the lessons are apropos to college stores as well.

Basically, the article recommends a multifaceted approach when it comes to promoting digital.  You should feature them in general and targeted electronic and print newsletters, advertise online and in-store, train staff, and “just be relentless.”

Some propose having at least one dedicated e-book answer guru and distributing their e-mail contact information to customers.   Campus stores can also do this so that there is one digital content reference expert in your store.  This person can set up regularly scheduled “Digital Therapy” classes for faculty and students where people can share their experiences and ask questions and discuss digital delivery and e-readers.

If you are planning an out-right digital “Go Digital” marketing campaign, the article suggests utilizing website promotions, e-newsletters with a “download the e-book” button, social media, QR codes on shelf-talkers, special events, and in-store signage.   To get the conversation started, one bookstore has bookmarks with big letter: ‘WE SELL E-BOOKS.”
The message from your actions will lead to faculty and staff awareness that the campus store can meet their e-book and digital course material needs.

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