Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Copyright Office's Priorities for 2011-2013

The United States Copyright Office released a report on the Office’s priorities and focus subject areas for the over next two years with respect to copyright policy and administrative practice and a series of new projects designed to improve the quality and efficiency of its services in the twenty-first century.   The Office’s policy priorities for the next 24 months are as follows, subject to new developments in the United States and abroad.  Some of the notable items, according to the Register, includes streamlining litigation, perhaps even a recommendation for a special venue for copyright litigation, Orphan Works, and Library exemptions.

Small claims solutions for copyright owners
Legal treatment of pre-1972 sound recordings
Mass book digitization

Rogue websites
Illegal streaming
Public performance right in sound recordings
Orphan works
Copyright exceptions for libraries
Market-based licensing for cable an d satellite retransmission

World intellectual property organization (wipo)
Trans-pacific partnership and other trade priorities

Priorities in Administrative law Practice
Prohibition on circumvention of measures controlling access to copyrighted works
Electronic system for the designation of agents under the dmca
Review of group registration options
Registration options for websites and other forms of digital authorship
Electronic administration of the statutory licenses
Recording notices of termination of copyright transfers

Special Projects
Study of fees and services
Revision of the compendium of copyright office practices
Technical upgrades to electronic registration
Dialogues and roundtables with copyright community
Research partnerships with academic community
Revision of copyright office website
Public outreach and copyright education
Business process reengineering of recordation division
Public access to historical records
Skills training for copyright office staff

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