Friday, April 8, 2011

The Secret to Effective QR Codes

QR codes, those two-dimensional bar codes resembling tiny crossword puzzles, are popping up in a lot of places, including product tags and labels, ads, articles, posters, books, tickets, receipts, and more. QR stands for "quick response." It’s a relatively easy way for retailers, manufacturers, organizations, and others to connect their customers and members to additional information or resources online through their smartphones.

But, in order to be effective, the QR code must link to content that’s viewable on a smartphone and matters to the user. This article, reprinted on, a site for communications professionals, offers several practical considerations for setting up a QR code the right way.

QR codes initiated in manufacturing as a way of tracking parts making their way into various businesses. Today they have a far greater range of uses. In fact, I was at a conference this past week where QR codes were integrated into several aspects of the event. Here is a pair of short videos that helps explain QR codes and some of the business implications:

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