Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aptara's second eBook survey of publishers

Aptara has released its next eBook survey of publishers. Among the reported key findings are:

  • 64% of all publishers are offering titles in eBook format. Up 11% from the first survey.

  • Only 7% of publishers are implementing enhancements to their eBooks, suggesting that most publishers are not aware of the EPUB standard’s inherent support for content enhancement, including audio and video.

  • 61% of Trade/Consumer publishers support the EPUB eBook format standard. 18% more than any other publisher type.

  • The greatest eBook production challenge is still eReader/content compatibility issues. Even with the near universal EPUB format standard, today's fragmented eReader market makes quality eBook production a moving target, requiring manual manipulation to retain consistent formatting across device-types.
More information can be found in the study report.

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