Monday, June 25, 2012

Microsoft Surfaces with a New Tablet

Microsoft’s Surface tablet generated plenty of buzz, but it remains to be seen whether it will sink or swim. A good portion of the attention has centered on the Surface’s ability to compete with the Apple iPad. It seems as if every new device introduced is immediately proclaimed the iPad killer, and the new Microsoft gadget is no exception.

However, the Surface does appear to be a serious contender, with a neat smartcover that features a keyboard included in the purchase price. The device will also run the new Windows 8 operating system, which should attract many business clients already using the system in their office. In addition, the Surface has USB and micro-HDNI ports and a micro-SD card expansion slot, items critics have long wanted Apple to include.

The reviews have been generally positive, but questions remain. The tech press didn’t get a chance to test the new device and Microsoft was silent—perhaps intentionally so—on the availability of apps. The firm also failed to mention how much the Surface will cost, which is the biggest question yet to be answered.

In this video, Greg Harper, president and founder of Harpervision Associates Inc., talks to The Washington Post about how the Surface stacks up against the iPad.

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