Monday, April 23, 2012

Stores Need Ways to Join E-Text Discussion

Educause added to its “7 Things You Should Know About…” series, this time focusing on the evolution of textbooks. The PDFoffers the scenario of an art teacher who receives help creating “textbooks” that are animated and interactive. The brochure discusses the many new ways to craft an interactive book and the implications this type of resource has for teaching and learning.

A number of colleges and universities have already begun exploring some of the many tools now available for creating media-rich formats for both iOS and Android devices. Boston College, the University of New Mexico, and English students at Montclair State University are all working on iBooks Author projects. Instructional technologists at Chatham University are designing a text on the Vook platform, while those at Michigan State University are developing open-source options on an HTML5 framework.

College stores appear to remain largely out of the loop so far, but Services is one of the four core retail requirements of the College Store of 2015 and a possible way for stores to become part of the interactive textbook discussion. Store staffers can become the go-to sources on campus for things such as technology. Take the time to understand how these online publishing tools work and offer that expertise to faculty.

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